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Prodigy Plumbing and Gas are experienced in residential plumbing, gas maintenance and renovations using the advanced technology.

We work to your budget to achieve your vision and consult with you every step of the way. 

What you can expect from us

Your peace of mind is at the heart of what we do. When you contact Prodigy Plumbing and Gas you can expect us to: 

  • Provide a two-hour window outlining when the Prodigy plumber will arrive, so you don’t need to spend your whole day waiting.
  • An SMS when our Prodigy plumber is on their way to your premises.
  • An on-the-spot outline of our recommended actions with your best interest at heart.

What we offer


Prodigy Gas and Plumbing offers a range of services. At the core of our business we offer:

Hot Water systems

Prodigy Plumbing and Gas are experts in installation, repair and replacement of solar, gas and electric systems. Our team can provide a quick quote and service for your hot water system in a fast, no fuss manner.

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Gas Plumbing 

Prodigy Plumbing and Gas are fully certified in the provision of gas plumbing, servicing, testing and gas leak detection services. We work to ensure your home or business has safe and effective gas plumbing and give expert advice and the right price.

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Toilets and Cisterns

There’s nothing worse than a leaking loo or cistern that needs some TLC. Prodigy Plumbing and Gas are equipped to provide fast and reliable repairs, maintenance, replacement and new installations in bathrooms at your home or business.

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Carbon Monoxide Testing

Carbon monoxide can cause a range of issues that impact human health, and while we might be exposed to small amounts in our day-to-day lives, excessive concentrations or prolonged exposure to carbon monoxide is dangerous. Fortunately, Prodigy Plumbing and Gas provides carbon monoxide testing and maintenance services for household gas heaters that meet Australian standards and regulation.

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Blocked Drains

Whether its penetration from nearby tree roots searching for nutrient-rich water flows or simply clogs from household waste and debris, it’s important to get on top of your blocked drains early. Our team is highly experienced in drain maintenance, and uses the latest CCTV camera and hydro jetting technology to identify, diagnose and repair, replace and renewed your blocked drains. 

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Backflow prevention

Don’t let backflow come back to haunt you. ‘Backflow’ water is that which returns to your property via your household pipes after use, potentially bringing harmful contaminants into your home. Prodigy Plumbing and Gas can install backflow prevention containment devices in a safe and effective manner for your home or business.

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Gas Appliances

Our team installs and maintains a range of gas appliances, including cook tops, stoves, ovens, hot water systems, gas heaters, barbeques and more.

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Roof Plumbing 

Gutters clogged? Pipes leaking? Need a new downpipe before the winter rains set in? While many householders are rightly mindful about their internal plumbing, its important to ensure external pipes are clean and fit-for-purpose too. There’s nothing worse than an unsightly burst gutter belching water and debris from your roof when the next big Adelaide storm rolls in. That’s why Prodigy is ready to clean your gutters and downpipes and fix any leaks before the next downpour heads your way.

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Burst Pipes and Leak Repairs

If you suspect you have a leaking pipe or require to repair one urgently, Prodigy is equipped for both the fast  identification, diagnosis and repair of burst pipes or water leakage in your home or business.

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Prodigy Plumbing and gas provides after-hours attendance for emergency plumbing and gas related issues, including temporary repairs, to see you through until a full repair and assessment can be undertaken.

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