Burst Pipes and Leak Repairs

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A burst pipe is not something any home or business owner enjoys discovering which can cause stress amongst occupants. If water leaks are not attended to quickly, this can be detrimental to the overall structure or integrity of the area in which the leak has occurred and is important to get this seen to quickly.

Leaking pipes can be caused from a number of underlying issues such as ground movement, loose fittings, aged fittings, general wear and tear.

Here’s some signs that may mean you have a burst or leaking pipe:

  • Water pooling to the ground or moisture to the area of concern
  • Dampness to bricks or gyprock
  • Discolour to surfaces
  • Drop in water pressure
  • Damp mouldy odour

If you suspect you have a leaking pipe or require repair to one urgently, Prodigy is equipped for fast identification, diagnosis and repair of burst pipes or water leakage in your home or business.


Prodigy can quickly locate and diagnose blockages using the latest CCTV camera technology. This assists us to gain a visual on what underlying issues may be occurring that are not visible to the eye above ground. Our experience hand in hand with the latest equipment means can quickly locate and diagnose the problem to gain a further understanding on drains that may have breaks or tree root intrusion and pin point the area of concern effectively and quickly.


Our high pressure jet assists to clear blockages that are not able to be cleared the traditional way with the mechanical machine. We offer advanced technology drain jetting that is best used to clear grease, fat and other liquids that may be difficult to clear in other ways. The performance of the Hydrojet can assist with reaching blockages in difficult locations as well as preventing further damages to the drain itself.

Tree Root & other Blockages

The mechanical drain machine is a great way to clear established tree root systems that may be penetrating through your drains via cracks and breaks causing blockages. Whether this is a regular occurrence or a once off, the mechanical drain machine can cut away and remove any debris that may be obstructing the drain.