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Emergency Plumbing

Have you got a plumbing emergency? Unfortunately plumbing issues can strike at the worst moments, but Prodigy Plumbing and Gas is ready to help with after-hours and emergency plumbing services. 

We provide after-hours attendance for emergency plumbing and gas related issues, including temporary repairs, to see you through until a full repair and assessment can be undertaken.

Common emergency plumbing problems

Blocked toilets, pipes and drains

  • If you’re having issues with backflow of wastewater, or water overflow. 
  • General toilet or water appliance malfunction.  

Burst pipes

  • Causing significant water damage or water loss in need of urgent repair.

Broken or leaking taps

  • Causing significant water damage or water loss and in need of urgent repair.

Water leaking from ceiling or walls

  • Water leaking from an unknown source.
  • Water leaking from blocked downpipes or internal pipes and plumbing. 
  • Water damage being caused to ceiling or internal walls.

Hot water system not working

  • Cold water flow or other issues related to your solar, gas or electric hot water service.

Gas pipe damage and leaks

  • Smell of gas present inside your home or office. 
  • Gas appliance leaks.